Hi! Im Basil... (pronounced like the Brittish do, not like the herb!) Right now Im staying with a baby-sitter 'cause my Mom had to go visit family and had to ride on an airplane! My Mom took me to the BMX family's house. I know my Mom was sad when she left me, I could tell. :-( Its ok though Mom, Im having a great time with the BMX family! They are really nice to me and give me all kinds of yummy things to eat! And the lady here (BMXgirl) said she was going to be my Glider-nanny, I could just call her "Nana". I like her alot, she rubs my tummy and plays with me alot! I like it when she finger wrestles and sings to me. :-) She even made me a comfy warm pouch and a matching hammock, she likes me, I can tell! ;-) Theres a man here too that they call Mealie Man, I like him, he brings me crawly bugs to eat, YUM! There is a girl here too that keeps looking through her toys and asking BMXgirl if she can give them to me...BMXgirl makes sure they are safe for me first.

I will be happy to see my Mom when she comes back, I miss her. I know she misses me too. I hope she's having a good time on her trip! Im having a good time at the nanny's!

Here's a list of some of the things I get to eat (so Mom knows Im being feed well and doesn't worry :-)

~ Basil's Food ~

Here are some picture's BMXgirl took of me! (she said she'd add new ones as she takes them.)

~ Basil's Photos ~

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